This week’s episode is a must-listen for all teachers of movement.  Beth is a Pilates pro who works within the world of academia, teaching university-level movement, health education, and Pilates classes and coordinating the Mind-Body Fitness programs at the Auraria campus in Denver, Co.  She works in collaboration with the LGBTQ Student Resource Center and the Phoenix Center at Auraria, an office dedicated to assisting people who experience Interpersonal Violence.  Because of the unique nature of the environment she teaches in, Beth has evolved her approach to teaching Pilates to be both inclusive and trauma-informed.

My interview with Beth Sandlin is full of rich and relevant content that will help teachers understand how to better work with humans in general, but also offers true strategies to work with clients who have experienced trauma within your scope of practice.  Human connection can be complicated and having resources to gain perspective is one of the options we have to continue to grow our skills as teachers of movement.  I am so thrilled to have Beth as not only a guest but as an important resource in the Pilates Profession.


Beth’s Resources:

Trauma Informed Care For Pilates Teachers




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