Positivity has arrived JUST IN TIME. Hilary Opheim is a bright light in the Pilates world who has an outlook that is like a breath of fresh air in a field that can sometimes be riddled with critique.

Hilary has been teaching over 25 years and is known for her positive and supportive style of teaching not only clients but, for those she Mentors and go through her Training Program. Over her Pilates career she has studied with many and in 2017 She completed the 360 Program with Benjamin Degenhardt and in 2019 Graduated the Heritage Training with Cara Reeser. She has presented at the PMA Conference and gives workshops taking her unique style to studios to share her passion for the work of Joseph Pilates.

“I feel that Pilates is a journey and for me it is one of never-ending exploring, learning, sharing and community. My continued learning from those that have come before me helps me give Teachers understanding. confidence and community”

Looking at the bright side and seeing the best has always been who I am and this has always been present for me in my teaching. My purpose is to help teachers find that joyful, confident and assured teacher that they want to be.

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