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Inspiring Stories of Entrepreneurs Who Make Moves With Their Businesses 


Welcome To Moving Experiences

This is a podcast for movement enthusiasts, passionate entrepreneurs and human beings who simply need a little inspiration in their ears. Our episodes consist of long-form, interview-based conversations surrounding the stories of people who have created movements in their mindset, body and/or businesses. Through their stories, we’ll learn how they are using the transformations they’ve experienced to help create movement in the lives of others.  Scroll down to listen to the latest episodes! 

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Tushy is a bidet attachment that requires only one pint of water per use and a couple of sheets of tree-free bamboo toilet paper to pat dry—which doesn't contain harsh chemicals, bleach or BPA like other major toilet paper brands. Tushy has helped upgrade people's...

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Pilates Anytime

Practice Pilates Online, Anytime with unlimited access to 3400+ streaming Pilates videos in your home and on the go!

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Bellicon Rebounder

Bellicon Rebounder

BENEFITS OF THE BELLICON MINI-TRAMPOLINE It’s the most fun you’ll ever have getting in shape, losing weight, improving your health, increasing your stamina, and boosting your immune system. It exercises every one of the 638 muscles in your body while being low-impact,...

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About Your Host

Jenna Zaffino

Jenna is a dynamic leader who offers education for your brain, body and business through professional coaching, movement experiences, writing, and speaking.  The balanced alignment of this trifecta is the platform from which Jenna helps hundreds of fitness and wellness professionals access mindset shifts, physical resiliency and empowered individuality in their business practices. 

Jenna is a seasoned Pilates Teacher and Educator and has evolved her small business from a multi-purpose movement center, to an online educational hub and support system for wellness pros. Motivated by her own personal recovery from professional burnout, Jenna hosts online support programs, tours internationally with her speaking and coaching courses and hosts her wildly popular podcasts, Pilates Unfiltered™ and Moving Experiences™.  She currently runs a private coaching and teaching practice in Chicago’s North Center.


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Raving Fans

I feel like Jenna is very real and a friend! I have been listening to Pilates Unfiltered for over a year and love every single episode!

Listening to this podcast has changed my life!

This Podcast goes beyond pilates and can be applied to any situation that requires creativity, teaching, and learning or being a thoughtful human in a complicates world!

So glad that Jenna has committed to paving the road herself! She has had many notable guests and addressed complex issues from multiple viewpoints, all while having fun!

I love the podcast Pilates Unfiltered!! Jenna, You have offered a platform to bring connectedness and great spirit to the Pilates community!


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