This week we talk about taking the pressure out of the performance. Our guest this week is Raphael Bender from Breathe Education in Australia. He and Jenna talk about pain science, evolutionary teaching, and maybe even touch on a little controversy.

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Info From Raphael Bender

An Updated Overview of Clinical Guidelines for the Management of Non-specific Low Back Pain in Primary Care (2010)
Psychological Factors are Associated with the Outcome of Physiotherapy for People with Shoulder Pain In Primary Care (2010)
Does Fascia Matter? A Detailed Critical Analysis of the Clinical Relevance of Fascia Science and Fascia Properties

Interesting Short Videos
Understanding Pain in 5 Minutes | A simple, clear explanation put together by NSW Health Dept.
Lorimer Moseley TEDx: Why Things Hurt | Lorimer Moseley is a cognitive neuroscientist and one of the world’s most respected pain researchers. And a funny bloke.
Peter O’Sullivan; Back Pain – Separating Fact From Fiction | Peter O’Sullivan is a PhD physiotherapist and back pain researcher at Curtin University in WA.
Dr. Greg Lehman – Perfect Posture Doesn’t Exist | Dr. Greg Lehman is a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, and Biomechanist.

Videos by Raphael
Is Flexion Dangerous? A Look at the Evidence | Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Donut and the Hole
What Causes Pain?

Audio by Raphael
Core Stabilization – No Better Than General Exercise
When Do Biomechanics Matter?
Diastasis Recti Abdominis – Why You Should Be Doing Ab Curls
Posture – It Doesn’t Really Matter For Pain

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