In Episode 101, we speak to Tara-Lyn Nunziata about her love for connecting with humans through movement. Tara-Lyn is certified by the New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Certification Program under the tutelage of Romana Kryzanowska and Sean Gallagher in 2002. She has also had the privilege of studying with Kathi Ross Nash, Sari Mejia Santo, Michael Fritze, Ton Voogt, Brooke Siler, Anthony Rabara and many others. She is passionate about always learning and spreading this amazing work and inspiring and empowering clients, friends and colleagues. While you can mostly find her at THE STUDIO in Montville, NJ, you can also catch her traveling to host studios all over teaching workshops and sessions. She is Founding Faculty of Pure Body Teacher Training, a comprehensive teacher training program created to preserve Joseph Pilates’ legacy by mentoring teachers that will uphold the high standards of the Pilates Method.

Tara-Lyn’s passion is teaching Pilates with a purpose. That purpose always depends on the clients’ needs and what journey they are on. The common purpose is to help clients find the power they have inside themselves through movement, purposeful thought and intention.

Tara-Lyn has worked with athletes, teens and kids, expectant and new moms, and many other special populations. Her most recent partnership with Summit Medical Group and MD Anderson Cancer Center is a dream come true. Tara-Lyn Pilates’ Breast Cancer Strength and Recovery program launches in 2019- one of the first Pilates programs, supported by doctors, to transition patients to regain strength during active cancer treatment and at the Cancer Center.

Another workshop that is close to her heart is her work with teens and Real Beauty Uncovered. It is the Teen Pilates workshop that also includes meaningful discussion for today’s teens about important issues. She is also a Certified Exercise Specialist for Neurological Disorders, Prehab and Post Physical Therapy rehab.

In 2013-2014 Tara-Lyn completed Kathi Ross Nash’s Advanced Teacher Training Program.

Tara-Lyn’s favorite thing to do is hold space with her clients on their journey and empower them to be who they truly are!



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